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IC Design Services

Meeting the IC Design Challenge

The IC design industry, probably more than any other, has increasingly exacting demands placed on it each day. As a result IC designers must:

address increased complexity and density yet shorter development timescales
work with greater accuracy and novel functionality using more advanced circuit techniques
ensure first-time-right databases because of escalating mask costs

To meet these design demands requires:

an experienced design team
innovative and expert circuit designers
sophisticated IC development and database verification tools

matricus is just such a team. The company matricus inc. has been recognized as a quality supplier of IC design services to a world-wide arena stretching back more than a quarter of a century. It has demonstrated this experience and expertise by meeting the challenges of the day and preparing for those of the foreseeable future.

The group includes specialists in many techniques and technologies, covering the development of:

full IC tape-outs (pure analog, digital, mixed signal)
general analog IP design (PLL's, Switched Capacitor Filters, ADC, etc.)
rf design including functions for radio communications and rfid transponder design
I/O design (with robust ESD)
volatile and non-volatile memory design (SRAM, ROM, EEPROM, Magnetic RAM, microdisplays)

Whatever your IC development requirements, matricus is in a position to meet the challenge with its experience team and with tools more than capable of handling the intricacies of today's technologies.

Group News

Relationship established with Andes Technology Corporation for embedded CPU
(see "About US -> Associated Companies")

Digital and analog development teams at matricus expanded with highly experienced engineers
Software design engineers with a quarter of a century years of program writing available from matricus

matricus bolsters its advanced rf design capabilities with in-depth radio communications expertise

Design News
matricus develops industrial controller IC including IP blocks of specifications not previously designed. Functions included a TDC, PLL, and DDS.


matricus completes a brainwave interface design which interfaces directly to a headset sensor and conditions the very low voltage and low frequency signals to provide a digital output from its ADC
matricus successfully completes the design of analog control interface function
matricus completes mixed signal magnetic sensor and signal processing IC for cell phone applications

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