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Digital Design Services

matricus engineers have extensive experience with digital ASIC implementation. The team's digital design expertise spans all the way from formalizing an initial specification to carrying out device test and evaluation, and covering all standard aspects of design along the way. Thus the team has experience in architectural analysis, front-end RTL development (Verilog and VHDL), digital verification, synthesis, FPGA prototyping, timing analysis, layout (custom or auto place and route), and back-end foundry design flow support.

Although most developments follow a standard flow, the team is open to a variety of other development models.

Projects can range from subsystem deliverables to verification assistance or cover a complete turnkey implementation to a specification provided by the customer. For a customer who is unsure of their needs, matricus will be pleased to help with product definition and specification. Although matricus has its own in-house tools, it also has considerable experience with other industry standard tools.

Example applications covered for the
matricus digital design services team are:

Cell phones
Set Top Box
Multi-core processors
Specific design types completed by the matricus team include:
Processor integration and memory subsystems
Microprocessor development
Memory controllers
DMA engines
Device interfaces, including DigRF, I2C, SPI, and proprietary formats
Custom state machines for sensing applications
Control of analog circuits for trimming, calibration, and dynamic tuning
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