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Engineering Team

The following individuals are some of the key people who carry out work in the technical teams of matricus. The technical disciplines include digital design, analog circuit design, IC layout, rf design, I/O and ESD circuit development.

A powerful advantage that the Matricus Team offers its customer is a team with the combination of systems design, circuit design, and circuit implementation, each with respected experts in their respective field, and each with experience of working closely and successfully together.

John Campbell

Founder and President, matricus inc. Also founder of Matrics Ltd., Helics Ltd., and Vertechs Inc.

John graduated from University College of North Wales, Bangor with BSc, (Electronic Engineering) and went on to complete three years of postgraduate research in Non-linear Coding. After ten years working within the UK government where he established and maintained an IC development group, he worked as Engineering Manager and Director of Silicon Microsystems Ltd. From there he moved to found Matrics Ltd. and subsequently to establish the US operation, Matricus Inc.

In addition to his business management skills, John has many years experience in IC development, working in both  analog and digital circuit design as well as complex analog layout, I/O and ESD circuit development.

Dr. Adrian Bratt

Adrian was co-founder of eoSemi Ltd. after having worked with Anadigm and Motorola. He graduated from Manchester University twenty five years ago with a post graduate degree.

Dr. Nigel Greer

Nigel graduated from The Queen's College Oxford and continued with postgraduate degrees at the University of Edinburgh. He has over twenty years experience in analog and radio frequency IC design (rf design)

Dr. Brian Minnis

Brian received a BSc (Hons) in Electronics and a PhD in Exact Network Synthesis from the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK. After 15 years in microwave component research he spent a further 15 years in rf design (transceiver system) , leading to DECT and GSM mobile product development.

Todd James

Highly experienced VLSI digital designer with over thirteen years in digital design for a range of consumer and military applications. He graduated in 1997 from Ohio State University with a masters degree in electrical engineering.


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