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The task of an IC consultant design company is to transform a customer’s idea into a silicon chip (IC) in an accurate and efficient manner.

This requires more than a knowledge of how to design circuits how to use tools. Experience in such skills is essential, of course, and although they are certainly possessed by matricus engineers, the real strengths must lie in identifying and providing the best solution. This means that the optimum technology must be identified, the most innovative circuit solution is researched and adopted, the most efficient development program is planned and implemented, the most appropriate engineers with appropriate experiences and design expertise are engaged on the work, and the most open of interfaces with customer and with the silicon supplier are encouraged.

These are the strengths of matricus, and it is these that will lead to first-time-right solutions in a realistic time frame at a fair, reasonable, and affordable cost.

And it is these strengths and their experience that lead matricus to recommend and make available the tools which they use to carry out their design tasks - LayTOOLS.

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