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Consulting Services

Consulting services are those that provide information or training on various aspects associated with the industry. Thus:

  • when addressing a application area, detailed specifications of a product may need to be prepared
  • when considering the development of an integrated circuit there are often preliminary considerations that need to be made and subsequently taken into account
  • preliminary considerations may include the assessment of product viability and whether or not implementation to a minimum specification or on a certain technology is viable
  • corporate decisions often need to be based on a detailed knowledge and expert opinion of aspects associated with the semiconductor industry and IC development
  • engineers may from time to time need training in certain aspects associated with design or semiconductor supply.

matricus has provided consulting services to accommodate such needs, including:

  feasibility studies
  detailed specifications for emerging markets
  software training (such as run-deck writing)
  IC design training and layout training
  due diligence reports
  expert opinion in legal matters
  vendor surveys
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