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Over a quarter of a century of providing IC development services, many technologies and foundries have been targeted by matricus designs. Most work has been directed towards;

  • silicon-gate CMOS
  • metal-gate CMOS
  • SiGe CMOS
  • Bi-CMOS
  • non-volatile technologies (electrically erasable and magnetic)

Nevertheless, work on bipolar technologies and high voltage processes with special device construction (for example, BCD) have been successfully completed.

The majority of work carried out on CMOS technologies in recent years has been directed towards:

  • 110nm DRAM CMOS
  • 110nm CMOS
  • 130nm CMOS
  • 180nm CMOS
  • 180nm SiGe CMOS (deep trench)
  • 0.25um CMOS
  • 0.35um CMOS
  • 0.35um Bi-CMOS
  • 0.35um CMOS with EE module
  • 0.50um CMOS
  • 0.80um CMOS
  • 1.20um CMOS
  • magnetic memory post processing

Foundries targeted include:

  • AMIs, AMS, Atmel, Chartered Semiconductor (now Global Foundries), Dongbu,
    Nanya, SAMES, SMIC, ST, Tower, TSMC, UMC, Vanguard, Zfoundry
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