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Technical Experience

The engineering team of matricus has an unparalleled wealth and depth of technical experience that stretches back over more than the past forty years, back to the days of rubyliths and before the days of any computer aided design tools (CAD tools). Although the landscape has changed, the skills and training of the matricus engineers has kept pace. Indeed, more than that - in many cases their innovative ideas have acted as catalysts for advanced features in technology and tools.

Developments have covered many application markets, from automotive to telecommunications, consumer to military, medical to industrial and computers. All require not only systems knowledge and specific analog circuit development but also expertise in developing multi-application building blocks (often referred to as IP). These blocks can be basic analog circuits such as PLL’s, amplifiers, band-gap circuits, analog to digital converters (ADC), or power supply conditioning circuits, or they could be complex systems operating at radio frequencies or with ultra low current design. Digital circuits could include a Viterbi decoder, an I2C interface, or a DDR2 controller.

matricus has been honored to be involved at the very early stages in many key programs and technologies, implementing early rfid IC’s (radio frequency identification devices) and micro displays, for example, and more recently being involved in developing high density magnetic RAM IC's, and new microprocessor architectures.

Silicon technology experience at matricus covers a broad spectrum. High voltage applications at, say, 100V require devices of special construction and wide geometries, whereas even medium-density logic requires the most sophisticated of software and generally warrants geometries of 110nm and below.

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