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Analog Design FAQ

1.  What are the most common basic analog circuit components developed by matricus?

Every project development undertaken by matricus is different.The component blocks used in any analog section of an IC are thus varied. Nevertheless, the most common building blocks include:

  operational amplifiers
  differential amplifiers
  audio amplifiers
  high-speed amplifiers
  instrumentation amplifiers
  variable gain amplifiers
  rf amplifiers
  voltage controlled oscillators
  sensor interfaces
  analog switches

These building blocks are integrated into a vast range of complete analog functions from A/D converters to PLL synthesizers, clock recovery circuits. power-line communication circuits, etc.

2.   Does matricus re-use circuits developed for earlier programs?

Certainly re-use would be the ideal approach, both to reduce design costs and to minimize development time-scales. However, this is rarely possible in the market in which matricus usually operates. Each design is very different, function specifications vary considerably and many technologies are addressed. As a result, each block must be developed separately. Certainly there are occasions when designs developed in earlier projects may be used as a start-point, but this save little, since the lion's share of the work is in the fine-tuning and simulation across corners.

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