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RF Design Services

matricus offers in-depth rf design services expertise in the highly-specialized area of rf integrated circuits. Its engineers have developed circuits across the whole rf spectrum on a variety of technologies and for many applications.

rf circuits are characterized by being predominantly analogue circuits that operate anywhere in the frequency range from 1 MHz to 100 GHz. Modeling such circuits can be less precise than digital circuits and consequently it is as much the skill and experience of the designer that is critical to a right-first-time solution. rf circuits can be implemented as both stand-alone components or embedded functional blocks in larger, otherwise digital ICs. Indeed, they are now the key to providing the wireless connectivity demanded of so many portable multi-media products.

matricus expertise in rf covers the following essential aspects:

    • RF Functionality
      most rf sub-systems provide transmit or receive functionality, often involving an outgoing or incoming rf analogue signal at one end and a digital baseband signal at the other. Hence, most rf circuits are now mixed-signal devices incorporating analogue-to-digital conversion.
    • System Design
      translation of the wireless system requirement into rf architecture and block specifications
    • Radio Architectures
      superheterodyne, direct conversion (zero IF) and low IF, highly-digitized, software-defined radio (SDR)
    • RF Blocks
      typically low noise amplifiers (LNA), mixers, oscillators, synthesizers, IF amplifiers, active filters, ADCs, DACs, driver and power amplifiers
    • Applications
      including both wireless and wired varieties. Wireless applications range from rf ID tags, through WLAN and WPAN connectivity to cellular standards such as GSM, EDGE, UMTS and LTE
    • Technologies
      typically CMOS or BiCMOS
    • Design Style
      there are additional considerations and constraints that must be taken into account for rf layout
      one design objective is to minimize off-chip components

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