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IC Design Services

matricus engineers have successfully delivered innovative IC designs and IC design services to an extensive number of end-users, systems houses and semiconductor companies around the world for almost twenty-five years. The company works closely with its customers to provide comprehensive solutions for the most challenging of technical requirements. More recently, software development services have complemented the offering of the IC design team.

Although services are more often provided from matricus offices, engineers will on occasion be required to work closely with the customer’s team on their site.

The engineers employed by matricus are professional individuals with a depth of experience and are recognized for their expertise in a broad range of applications. As a result, the company can bring an unrivaled degree of flexibility to any program. The company has experience with a broad range of technologies at recognized foundries throughout the world.

A strong liaison with companies such as PGC and Aplus in particular allow the development of complex SoC systems including efficient and custom-designed memory blocks.

The tasks undertaken include:

  • feasibility studies
  • specification writing
  • circuit design and simulation (electrical design)
  • analog circuit design and simulation (electrical design)
  • digital circuit design and simulation (electrical design)
  • mixed signal circuit design and simulation (electrical design)
  • RF circuit design and simulation (electrical design)
  • embeddable IP block development (electrical design)
  • analog and digital layout (physical design)
  • design verification (drc, lvs, extraction)
  • test and characterization interfacing
  • run-deck development for IC verification (drc, lvs, extraction)
  • yield enhancement

In addition to services directed specifically to IC design, matricus also offers software development services. Although the skills and experience in this area have predominantly concentrated onsoftware for IC development , the expertise has been successfully applied to many other related and unrelated tasks.

Please see also details of the consulting services offered by matricus.


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